Ty Farris - No Cosign Just Cocaine 4 White Cover CD & Cassette Combo Deluxe Edition Autographed (VERY LIMITED!!) READ DESCRIPTION



  1. Slow Down Produced By Bozack Morris (2:43)
  2. Off With They Heads Produced By Wavy Da Ghawd  (3:31)
  3. You Should Be A Shame Produced By Black Milk (2:57)
  4. Over Featuring Big Twins Produced By SeenDaDream (2:24)
  5. Scary Times Featuring Mickey DiamondSubstance 810 And Dango Forlaine Produced By Pa Dre (3:45)
  6. Brands Of High Quality Produced By Big Ghost LTD (Extended Bonus Edition) (3:01)
  7. Motion Picture Music Produced Be Fes (1:56)
  8. Beautiful Thing Produced By Marvwon (3:02)
  9. The Sicilian Defense Produced By Stu Bangas (2:01)
  10. Suffer Produced By Spanish Ran (3:20)
  11. Back Blocks Featuring UFO Fev Produced By Finn (3:04)
  12. Anonymous Millionaire Produced By The Standouts (2:47)
  13. Who Really Got Ya Back Featuring Bub Rock Produced By Vanderslice (3:20)
  14. Run Through My Mind Featuring Elzhi Produced By Trox (3:29)
  15. Dreaming Of You Produced Nicholas Craven (2:34)
  16. Deemed Us Useless Produced By Nicholas Craven (3:03)
  17. Live And Learn Produced By Buckwild (2:43)
  18. This Is For All Of Yall Produced By Apollo Brown (3:25)


Bonus Tracks: 

Brands Of High Quality (Extended Bonus Edition) Profuced Big Ghost LTD

Motion Picture Music Produced By Fes

Beautiful Thing Produced By Marvwon

Dreaming Of You Produced By Nicholas Craven

Live And Learn Produced By Buckwild

DESCRIPTION: AUTOGRAPHED. This is the only way to obtain these RARE white cover deluxe editions outside of the Baking Soda Boxset. The CD AND Cassette comes with the bonus tracks as well. (NEVER TO PRESSED AGAIN)
THIS IS A PRE ORDER: Projected to begin shipping 12-29-21
SIDE NOTE: These images are mockups, the final product maybe different then pictured.