We really pride ourselves on being artist friendly. But we always pride ourselves on high quality music first and foremost. With that being said, PLEASE READ the criteria of what we look for and whats needed to get a released pressed with us. And even then its more about timing and schedule then anything. 

1. Project must be at least 9 songs and 23 mins long. We charge preminum price because are merch is high quality but the most important aspect is the music and we wanna ensure the customers have a nice amount music to warrant this price point.

2. High quality artwork. Artwork is just as important as the music. Have artwork ready to show (Front & Back). If possible have the photoshop files handy so if we do choose your project we can have more creativity with setting up packaging.

3. Sending music. If the project isnt out yet send us a private link via email ( Make sure the music and artwork is there.

4. Older releases. Sometimes things fly under the radar. If you have something older and think its worthy feel free to submit. 

5. Being honest with your selling power. This is very important because every artist has to know its base and how much they can move. We take projects because of the quality of the music. But we also have to have a good understanding of the artist base so we know how much to invest. If you can provide older releases and the amount of numbers they did that can help us get the right deal together so both parties take less risk.

OKAY! You read all of that. 

Here's the submission email.

Make sure the subject says: BarsOverBs Submission.

(Example: BarsOverBs Submission: Ghostface Thriller - Dark Mornings (New/Older Release)