Shipping Updates

Please Allow 5-6 Weeks For Orders.

Glass Mastered CD's & Vinyl Orders Could Take Longer. And Please Understand These Is Projections. 


Conway x Conductor - Conductor Machine (Shipping Now)

Ty Farris x Graymatter - Sounds That Never Left My Soul (Shipping Now)

Daniel Son x Giallo Point - Remo Gaggi (Shipping Now)

WateRR x Machacha - Almighty (Shipping Now)

J.Arr - Hoop Dreams 1-3 (Shipping Now)

Mickey Diamond - BD4 (Late December) *GM*

Rim - Rimbrandt 2 (Late December/Early January)

Bub Rock - A Peace Of Mine (Late December/Early January)

Swab - The Spy Ring (Mid January)

Mickey Diamond - Gone In 60 Seconds (Mid/Late January)

Estee Nack x Giallo Point - Papitas (Late January) 

*GM* = Glass Mastered CD Which Takes Longer To Produce