Shipping Updates

Please Allow 5-6 Weeks For Orders.

Glass Mastered CD's & Vinyl Orders Could Take Longer. 


Ransom x Nicholas Craven - Directors Cut 4 (Shipping Now)

Mickey Diamond - Oroku Saki Repress (Shipping Now)

Rim - Rimbrandt Part 1 (Shipping Now)

Substance810 - Makin Waves 2 (Shipping Now) *GM*

Mickey Diamond - Flair 4 The Gold Reissue (Early - Mid October) *GM*

Estee Nack x Machacha - 357 (Early - Mid October) *GM*

Rim x JBeers - Verse Ability (Early October)

Daniel Son x Wino Willy - Gris Gris (Mid October) *GM*

Vega7 The Ronin - Mont Maudit (Mid October)

*GM* = Glass Mastered CD Which Takes Longer To Produce