Shipping Updates

Shipping Updates (PROJECTIONS)

Please Allow 5-6 Weeks For Orders.

Glass Mastered CD's & Vinyl Orders Could Take Longer. And Please Understand These Is Projections. 



Ty Farris - Rydah Music Vinyl (Vinyl Shipping Early August)

Ty Farris x WateRR - Bulls Vs Pistons Repress BOBS-TAPECD-103 (Shipped)

Spanish Ran x Bloo - MF Bloo BOBS-TAPECD-104 (Shipped)

Machacha - Kunst.Art BOBS-TAPECD-105 (Shipping Begins July 8th)

Ferris Blusa x Jamil Honesty BOBS-TAPECD-107 (Shipping Begins July 8th)

Ty Farris - No Cosign Just Cocaine 3 Repress (Currently Shipping)

Snotty x Michaelangelo BOBS-TAPECD-108 (Shipping Begins July 15th)

Mondo Slade - Sleight Of Hand BOBS-TAPECD-109 (Shipping Begins July 15th)

Mystery Boxes (Shipping Begins July 12th)

Chubs - Bruiser Brody BOBS-TAPECD-110 (Shipping Begins July 22nd)

Feed The Family BOBS-TAPECD-111 (Shipping Begins July 22nd)

38 Spesh - 7 Shots BOBS-TAPECD-112 (Shipping Begins August 1st)

Ty Farris - The Enigma With An Attitude CD's & Tapes BOBS-TAPECD-113 (Shipping Begins August 6th)

Big Tripp x Jamil Honesty BOBS-TAPECD-114 (Shipping Begins August 6th)

Boldy James x Conductor (Near Mint 24 Hour Collab) BOBS-TAPECD-115 (Shipping Begins August 12th)

Mickey Diamond - Remix Album BOBS-TAPECD-116 (Shipping Begins August 22nd)

Ty Farris - The Enigma With An Attitude Vinyl BOBS021 (Shipping Begins Early September)


*GM* = Glass Mastered CD Which Takes Longer To Produce