The Hundred CD (Copenhagen Crates x BarsOverBs Merch Collab)


Our good friends over at Copenhagen Crates are commemorating their 100th release with a CRAZY compilation featuring some of the best underground artist in the wave. Features from Eto, Smoovth, Anhklejohn, M.A.V, Estee Nack, Mooch, Ty Farris & more. The entire project is produced by Machacha who recently produced Ty Farris Ep "Dark Nights & D Fitted's"

This Jewel Case CD come with 4 Page Booklet with inside illustration artwork from Artmorfate. 


Why the price point?

BarsOverBs goes the extra mile to provide high quality merch and presentation. Also we run smaller quanities which means we pay more per unit. Our Digipak Cd's come with booklet and shrink wrapped. Limited editions sale out quick and resale for double instantly. This price point reflects the demand of the market. 

Please allow 7-10 Business Days for shipping (USA) and 10-14 Business Days (International)