Ty Farris - No Cosign Just Cocaine 5 (Glow In The Dark Cover) (Rob Worst Alt Cover) Yellowjacket Splatter Vinyl


This Glow In The Dark Rob Worst Alternate Cover Edition. Obi Strip. 

To activate, hold vinyl jacket under light for 15-30 seconds. Then turn the lights off and see the GLOW!

Vinyl Records IN HAND.

Shipping Begins March 6th. 

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Durable & Wrinkle-Free | Crystal Clear & Made from High-Density Polypropylene | 3 mil Thick, 12.75” x 12.75” Outer Sleeve

Vinyl Corner Covers (When In Stock)

Double Boxed For Maximum Protection

With this purchase you agree to have your vinyl removed from jacket and shipped outside of jacket. (If you want to keep it sealed please inform us) 

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Final Product May Vary Slighty From Mocks